Sight Line Volume XII: A Platform for Dreams and Visions


In honor of The Covenant Foundation’s 25th Anniversary, this special edition of Sight Line edition zooms out and looks at the past, present and future of the Foundation’s grantmaking and the leadership that has allowed our work to flourish.

Our slate of Insights interviews feature in-depth discussions with Eli N. Evans, Chair Emeritus of the Board of Directors of The Covenant Foundation, Cheryl R. Finkel, incoming Board Chair, and Hanan Harchol, a Covenant grantee, animator, and New York City Public School teacher.

We’re also delighted to share news of our brand-new app, The Covenant Foundation Voices, a video-messaging tool that allows you to record a super-short message of appreciation for your most treasured teacher. Share it with us and pass the gratitude on!

…And there’s more! Featured media links and an archive of recent stories you won’t want to miss offer other opportunities to explore and engage. We look forward to hearing your impressions and seeing your videos!

May we go from strength to strength,