Help for the Time-Challenged Parent

But No Regrets Parenting is a small, readable and engaging gem that offers parents and educators – and anyone with children and young adults under their charge – a roadmap for building and enhancing quality time with kids so there are no second thoughts later on.

In it, Harley A. Rotbard, MD – a nationally recognized parenting expert, pediatrician, speaker and educator – writes on how to experience the joy and depth of parenting and teaching our children while choreographing full, busy and demanding lives.

It came to our attention because of its emphasis on family dinners, and is a perfect complement to Home for Dinner, Hazon’s initiative encouraging the strengthening of families over meals. 

And, the book is a solid jumping off point for parents and Jewish educators who are major influencers in the lives of children and families.

“To be sure, you’ll gaze into their empty bedrooms and miss them terribly when they leave home. But you won’t have missed them when they were still at home,” he writes in the book’s introduction.

No Regrets Parenting was published by Andrew McMeel Publishing this year.