Hebrew for the Young and Mobile

Aleph Bet is the latest interactive app designed by Not-a-Box Media Lab, with the support of The Covenant Foundation.

Developed for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the app advances familiarity and uses of the Hebrew alphabet and simple words through three touch-based games.   Additional word packs will be available in future versions.

“We wanted to create an app that is pedagogically sound, visually stimulating and engaging for young learners,” said Not-a-Box Media Lab’s Russel Neiss. “We know that for kids to keep coming back, apps need to be not only educational, but also fun to play with.”

The app features nearly 50 custom- and hand-drawn illustrations, and an original song, Rakevet Alef Bet, by Dafna.

To download the app from Apple’s App Store, visit http://alephbetapp.com