Girls in Trouble: A Curriculum and Music Just Right for Shavuot

Supported by a grant from The Covenant Foundation, Rabins has also turned her alt-rock song cycle into a flexible, trans-denominational curriculum, with lessons that look at the biblical stories from a woman’s point of view. With musical interpretations of the lives of Tamar, Judith, Hannah, Lilith and so many other important but often-marginalized women from the bible, Rabins has set out to engage a wide range of learners.

This Shavuot, we invite you to listen to Alicia Jo’s music and immerse yourself in these stories.

To read more about Alicia Jo’s work in Sight Line, click here.

To hear an original song about Ruth, the biblical figure about whom we read on Shavuot, watch this video collaboration between Alicia Jo and G-dcast, here:

To learn more about Alicia Jo’s projects, see her grant page, here.

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