Asking A More Beautiful Question

A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas (Bloomsbury USA) describes questions as one of the most powerful forces for igniting change in our lives, schools, and organizations.  

Berger reveals that even though children start out asking hundreds of questions a day, questioning “falls off a cliff” as kids enter school. In an education and business culture devised to reward rote answers over challenging inquiry, questioning isn’t encouraged – and, in fact, is sometimes barely tolerated.

And yet, as Berger shows, the most creative, successful people tend to be expert questioners. They’ve mastered the art of inquiry, raising questions no one else is asking – and finding the answers everyone else is seeking.

The author takes us inside businesses like Google, and Netflix to examine how questioning is infused into the organizational DNA. He tells stories of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, basement tinkerers, and social activists who changed their lives and the world around them – by starting with “a beautiful question.”

Warren Berger has studied hundreds of the world’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers to learn how they ask questions, generate original ideas, and solve problems. His writing and research on questioning and innovation has appeared in Fast CompanyHarvard Business Review, and Wired.

A More Beautiful Question is available from Amazon in hardcover, Kindle, and audio book formats.