Art Meets Education

The Genesis exhibit provides a provocative conversation about art as contemporary midrash, while the Lemkin exhibit reflects the power of words to shape and frame an act of social justice.

  • Letters of Conscience: Raphael Lemkin and the Quest to End Genocide, through April 18, 2010. This exhibition focuses on the activities and legacy of Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-American Jewish lawyer who coined the term genocide, working relentlessly and inventively to protect the rights and survival of specific groups targeted for destruction. Organized jointly with the American Jewish Historical Society and the Center for Jewish History, this exhibition, which presents a fascinating array of original correspondence and documents, serves as a stirring and important reminder of an individual’s ability to better humanity and the future.
  • In the Beginning: Artists Respond to Genesis, through Feb. 28, 2010. This exhibition re-imagines the first chapter of Genesis through a series of commissioned works by dynamic and internationally acclaimed contemporary artists including Alan Berliner, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Matthew Ritchie, Ben Rubin, and Shirley Shor. Featuring diverse conceptual approaches and artistic practices, the artists challenge viewers to consider various ideas about the origins of our universe and our beginnings. The exhibition was organized by the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, and has been adapted by Yeshiva University Museum for this presentation.

Another rare find is A Journey Through Jewish Worlds: Highlights from the Braginsky Collection of Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books, an exhibit opening at the museum in the spring.

If you were thrilled by the Valmadonna Trust Library collection exhibited at Sotheby’s (I, unfortunately was unable to attend), this exhibit promises to be as intriguing. Rene Braginsky is one of the foremost private collectors of Jewish manuscripts. Of special interest are three collections: ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts); Talmud manuscripts; and Book of Esther scrolls.

An incredible exhibit of these collections will open at Yeshiva University Museum at the Center for Jewish History on March 21, 2010. For those of you who are not planning to be in NYC before the exhibit closes in July, visit, a virtual catalogue including thousands of images of manuscripts photographed by Ardon Bar Hama.

Treat yourself to these rare finds! Make plans to enjoy these magnificent exhibits.

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Harlene Winnick Appelman, Executive Director

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