The Covenant Grants

Teaching Diligently: A Program to Train Jewish Teachers for the Future

Organization: STAR: Synagogue Transformation & Renewal, Saint Louis Park, MN

Grant Year: 2001

Project Director: Audrey Goldfarb

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $229,912 (4 years)

Professional Development

To create a model professional development program, in collaboration with Gratz College, for small and medium size Jewish communities. Participants complete six Jewish Education courses over three years for a total of 18-credits. At completion of the coursework, participants receive a graduate certificate and the equivalent of half of a Master’s degree. Courses are available through video conferencing, online collaboration, visiting Gratz College faculty, and courses offered through local colleges and universities.

In addition to the coursework, Teaching Diligently participants had the opportunity to meet monthly for Learning Circle Meetings. Learning Circles provided an opportunity for the participants to meet with their colleagues within a professional climate and learn and debrief together. Each participant was also paired with a Mentor/Master Teacher who was able to provide individual support throughout the process.

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