The Covenant Grants

Studio 70 – Developing an Improvement Infrastructure for Innovations in Jewish Education

Organization: Studio 70, Berkeley, CA

Grant Year: 2017

Project Director: Rabbi Yoshi Fenton and Elana Naftalin-Kelman

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $20,000 (1 year)


After School Programs
Professional Development

Studio 70 – A planning grant to support and strengthen part-time Jewish education nationally by: sharing lessons learned in the larger field; facilitating a network of Jewish social entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for professional development, resource sharing, webinars, and an annual conference.

Studio 70 is a Jewish learning laboratory dedicated to exploring, innovating, and discovering new ways of connecting to Jewish community, learning, and values. Its mission is to inspire and engage children, families, and educators through experiential, Hebrew-infused learning in order to nourish a collective commitment to Jewish living and learning. Studio 70 is the umbrella for three educational ventures: Edah (a full-service, Hebrew infused, Jewish experiential afterschool program), the Jewish Learning Innovation Corps (a full-time service learning fellowship for recent college graduates), and the Nitzan Network (a national network of Jewish Learning Afterschool Programs).

This grant will allow Studio 70 to develop resources, tools, and programs to extend the work they are currently doing locally to a broader audience and community. These resources may be used by others to advocate for and support the implementation and scale-up of the Jewish learning after school model to additional communities across North America.

Studio 70 will also develop an infrastructure that supports implementation and improvement of high quality part-time Jewish learning with a particular emphasis on supporting the Jewish learning afterschool program model. This infrastructure will enable Studio 70 to share lessons learned, make the resources of the first goal available more broadly, and connect individuals across the larger field of part-time Jewish education.