The Covenant Grants


Organization: StorahTelling, New York, NY

Grant Year: 2005

Project Director: Mr. Amichai Lau-Lavie

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $169,255 (3 years)


Arts and Culture
Informal Education

To disseminate and replicate the Storahtelling model and the Cool Tool for School curriculum, instructing participants in transforming Biblical narrative into a dramatic experience in classrooms, sanctuaries, and informal education environments. StorahLab and the Cool Tool for School curriculum were designed to create meaningful, engaging, and fun ways to connect to Torah in congregational supplementary schools.

StorahLab, Storahtelling’s training institute for supplementary school educators, ran for a week in the summers of 2006 and 2008 and 4 days in 2007. The program attracted a total of 52 participants. The core of the StorahLab training was instruction about how to utilize and implement Storahtelling’s Cool Tool for School curriculum in their home schools and congregations. The Cool Tool for School curriculum is the principle textual and pedagogical vehicle for Storahtelling’s approach to Torah education in Jewish supplementary education. The Cool Tool includes source texts, lesson plans, and reference materials.

In addition to running StorahLab and further developing the Cool Tool, Storahtelling wanted to build a supportive community of StorahLab alumni. Following the first and second StorahLabs, Storahtelling hosted a refresher weekend for participants to reconnect and share their experiences in teaching the Cool Tool. Storahtelling also established online options for maintaining community: shortly after the 2006 training, StorahLablog was created for participants to share their actual Cool Tool teaching experiences.