The Covenant Grants

Shalom Sunday: The Family School

Organization: Jewish Community Centers of Chicago, Skokie, IL

Grant Year: 1993

Project Director: Rabbi Yehiel Poupko

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $94,200 (2 years)


Family Education
Professional Development

To fund the publication of an educational program for Jews from the former Soviet Union and a Training Institute to test the curriculum and train professionals in using it.

Through this grant, The Jewish Community Centers of Chicago created curriculum on subjects such including Gan curriculum, Holiday Curriculum, The Jewish Community in History, Modern Jewish History and the State of Israel, and Ethics. The organization also developed a parent Torah study course and a parent education/family education program.

The Jewish Community Centers of Chicago conducted a half-day training program at the 1995 CAJE Conference. Following that program, the organization sent the Shalom Sunday curriculum to Jewish educators involved in this area and built in consultation time and an instrument for evaluation. The organization set up a series of phone conferences with these educators to continue to evaluate and consider issues that arose as the curriculum was implemented.

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