The Covenant Grants

MAP: The Mentor and Protege Program

Organization: The Jewish Education Project, Commack, NY

Grant Year: 2001

Project Director: Ms. Suri Jacknis

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $75,000 (3 years)


Family Education
Professional Development

The grant supported the creation of an intensive mentoring program for educators in five congregational schools in Suffolk County, New
York. With the grant’s support, experienced educators were trained to be mentors and offered ongoing support as they mentored novice teachers.

This grant resulted in the creation of a professional and community culture that supports Jewish education. The program improved the quality of teacher preparation and student learning in Suffolk County. An internal book documenting mentor and mentee wisdom was also produced.

Many mentors and mentees who participated in the program reported
continued benefits in terms of improved career paths and opportunities for leadership positions in Jewish education.