The Covenant Grants

Jewish Family Education 3.0: The Next Generation

Organization: Shevet: Jewish Family Education Exchange, Los Angeles, CA

Grant Year: 2010

Project Director: Robyn Faintich

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $100,000 (2 years)

Community Connections
Family Education
Professional Development

For an initiative to strengthen the field of Jewish family education and its practitioners through outreach and training of existing and emerging educators with conferences and use of social media, digital media, and other technologies.

Shevet offers multiple platforms – such as an online community of practice, social media channels, and regional conferences – through which educators can share best practices, generate ideas, create collaborative programming, develop curricula, find resources, and engage in professional development.

The grant led to the creation of four regional conferences for face-to-face professional development and on online community of practice to allow the learning to continue beyond the conferences. The community of practice utlized social media technologies to provide ongling consultations; evolve the literature for the field; create a space for collaboration, idea generation, and problem solving; foster dialogue; develop and hone a set of standards for best practices; offer ongoing professional development; and collect and disseminate resources