The Covenant Grants


Organization: Colorado Agency for Jewish Education, Denver, CO

Grant Year: 2004

Project Director: Mr. Danny Paller

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $150,000 (3 years)


Family Education

To develop and disseminate interactive, computer-centered resource and activity packages around major Jewish themes for elementary-age students and their families to use at home.

Jbop is an innovative enrichment tool (“interactive activity center”) for use on computers in Jewish schools and homes. It’s a set of modules with interactive activity on subjects from Pesah and Purim to Israel and Torah. Jbop offers a choice of 25 content units in six content areas. Hebrew versions of these interactive activities have also been created.

The Colorado Agency for Jewish Education, based on findings from their work with schools, have also produced two supporting guides to assist in the effective use of jbop: Best Uses of jbop, and Educator’s Guide to jbop.

The Colorado Agency for Jewish Education formed a partnership with Torah Aura to make it the official marketer of jbop. Torah Aura promotes jbop in its catalogue, newsletters, online, and at conferences.

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