The Covenant Grants

Illuminated Jewish Stories

Organization: Illuminated Jewish Stories, Sharon, MA

Grant Year: 2017

Project Director: Rabbi Ariel Burger

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $50,000 (1 year)


Adult Education
Arts and Culture
Informal Education

Illuminated Jewish Stories – To support the creation and dissemination of Jewish educational art materials for adult learners, educator trainings, and programs.

This project is designed to invite adult learners to creatively engage with profound Jewish stories through art (with accompanying discussion and text guides), and in doing so, to inspire them to also engage in personal reflection, further Jewish learning and community building.

Moving forward, Illuminated Jewish Stories will be focused on themes of otherness, belonging, displacement, and civic responsibility in challenging times.  Students will participate in dialogue that creates connection between the tales and their own lives in order to reveal commonalities that can help students rethink their own relationships, internal struggles, and hopes and dreams for the future. Additionally, students will consider how to re-weave fraying bonds between Jews and Judaism, and between Jews and others.

This project will rely on three modalities:

  • Create, produce, and distribute unique educational content
  • Support and train those who deliver adult learning
  • Offer programs with partner organizations using art, storytelling, and text study
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