The Covenant Grants

Havruta: An Old/New Model of Learning

Organization: University of Michigan Hillel, Ann Arbor, MI

Grant Year: 2004

Project Director: Mr. Michael Brooks

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $120,000 (3 years)


Informal Education

Project Description
To create and implement a program designed to engage the entire university community in study using the traditional havruta (“study partner”) model.

The method replaced the more typical format of teaching-assistant-led discussions/ seminars.

Twenty-five students at the University of Michigan were enrolled in the first course. Hundreds more have participated in subsequent years.

In an evaluation conducted by the University Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, students gave the course the highest possible ranking for the quality of the learning.

With funding from The Covenant Foundation, the Detroit JCC partnered with the professors running the project and created a havruta program in conjunction with a talk by Elie Wiesel which was attended by approximately 2,000 people.

Current Status
The project is still up and running. It was so popular that the one-semester course was expanded to four semesters.