The Covenant Grants

Community Electronic Jewish Learning Center

Organization: Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Boston, Newton, MA

Grant Year: 1991

Project Director: Dr. Daniel J. Margolis

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $180,000 (3 years)



To provide immediate access to a resource database of Jewish information for schools, synagogues, educators, students, families, and individuals.

This electronic resource center opened up a worldwide network of materials. 7 schools piloted the network in 1993-94, with more added each year until the 1995-96 school year when the project became open to all in the community.

The system offers rapid access to curricular materials, bibliographies, and resources. Over the first three years of the pilot period, more than 1,200 families, 100 educators, and ten or more test sites in the Boston region became regular users. Files available include subjects ranging from Tzedakah/Gemilut Hesed projects, Jewish holidays, the Bible/Parashah, Jewish books, and more. This resource also links communities with a communication system.