The Covenant Grants

Badges for Learning

Organization: A Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta, The Epstein School, Sandy Springs, GA

Grant Year: 2012

Project Director: Mrs. Myrna Rubel

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $40,600 (2 years)


Digital Badging

To expand, implement and promote the Badging program in the middle school. The Badging program is designed to “increase motivation by enhancing self-directed, interest driven and interdisciplinary learning, in a blended learning environment. ‘Badges’ is self-paced and offers students more choices and ownership. As a result, students develop and enhance their skills in the areas of executive functioning, technology, writing, collaboration, critical thinking, and advocacy. Additionally, students develop skills that will enable them to succeed in the 21st Century, both in school and later in the working world.

Through their work, students can earn and receive digital badges in the areas of leadership, communication, information literacy, empowered learning, acceptance, collaboration, critical thinking, Jewish ethics and play. Each digital badge is associated with a contemporary Jewish role model respectively, Golda Meir, Steven Spielberg, Brin Sergey, Elana Kagen, Eli Wiesel, Ruth Messinger, Rashi, Abraham Heschel and Erno Rubrik.”