ARTICLEThe Covenant Stage

Featured here is a short tribute to beloved musician, Jewish educator and Covenant Award winner, Debbie Friedman, Z"L, who inspired generations of Jews to express themselves in song and reclaim their spirituality. Also featured is Jon Adam Ross, a playwright, performer and artist who created a stage piece commissioned by The Covenant Foundation, titled "Upon Reflection" in which he explores what happens when we harness the Jewish wisdom all around us, and use it to create a piece of art. In "Stories from a Disappointing Nephew: A Work-in-Progress," Aaron Wolfe, a writer, musician and storyteller, performs the tale of his Great Aunt Ila, who fought in the Krakow Ghetto Uprising, baked the best mocha torte, and taught him not to give up on his dreams.


Shababa is a “welcoming community for everyone, nurtures family bonds and bridges 
connections to Jewish life and values.” Led by Karina Zilberman, Director of Jewish Family Life and Culture and recipient of the 2012 Covenant Award, Shababa inspires children and adults alike to engage with their Judaism in a joyful, musical way.

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