ARTICLETake This Podcast On a Walk: Spirit in Nature

Spirit in Nature is a DOING podcast: an interactive audio guide you take with you on walks - it’s nature and spirituality through a Jewish lens (but fun and full of meaning for all!)

Hosted by Rabbi Deborah Newbrun, who's also a naturalist and outdoor Jewish educator, and produced by Sarah Lefton, media creator and founder of BimBam, the podcast brings you the best of Jewish outdoor education and a new way to connect with Jewish life. Each episode has been designed to take along with you to a specific place - say, a beach or a forest - or at a specific time, like a new moon.

Browse the directory and choose the walk that works for you! Each will lead you on an experience that's about a half hour long, and leave you with new insights and connections to nature and spirituality.

Click here for a listen to Episode 2, Earth and the Divine.

Click here to access all of the Spirit in Nature episodes.

By Sarah Lefton, Deborah Newbrun

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